Sunday, May 22, 2016


Why can't you just come and hug me tight?
I really need one.
Why did you leave me to monsters and bad people?
I feel insecure without you.
How do you expect me to write;
All my infinite thoughts about you?


Monday, May 9, 2016

Global Citizen

"A Global citizen is someone who self identifies first and foremost not as a member of a state, a tribe or a nation but as a member of the human race"

"And someone who is prepare to act on that belief to tackle our world's greatest challenges".

Wow. I was looking for some words to express what we feel and this TED talk came in my recommendations.

Nowadays whoever I see and meet belongs to some group or category.  In the name of state, language, wealth and religion.

I have no idea why people still do it. Fighting for the dead idols sitting in rooms or for the stupid symbols and outdated books.(Well I am not against any religion or worshiping any god). But why defending the ones who doesn't have power or willingness to help the believers?

And why in the name of State or language?  If someone who speaks your language did a mistake then you shouldn't defend them. That is wrong. And don't ever speak in your mother tongue if a third person is in your group who doesn't understand that language. I am afraid to speak in my mother tongue even if no third person is there in office. Because it creates a wrong impression and gives others space to doubt or feel kicked out.

Well leave all these things. We can never stop it.

I would be happy to see a bunch of people talk how to improve our surroundings, or to tackle problems faced by our society. Water scarcity, climate changes, waste treatment etc.

When we will do it?

Note : I haven't written anything for a long time. So for some time, I'll write a lot of stupid nonsense. Paragraphs without connection and expressing thoughts without clarity. Bear me with this.

Perfect me

When I am yours and you are mine;
What is wrong saying anything bw us?

When we are ready to forget all the past;
why you kept a heap of things to resolve bw us?

When we both have dreams and we fight to fulfill them(I think you do),
How could you hold me back and make me answer the things I've no idea how to answer.

And you, keep analyzing the sentences. Check all the meanings of the words I say.
Sit, think and derive the things one can never think of.

Let me tell you dear,

This is the perfect me. With all the flaws you have seen. If you found me better anytime;
That's pure luck.

Or if you thought I was better,
That was pure mistake.

But I promise, I will keep trying.

Sunday, May 8, 2016


You know we should go to Goa.
Do they allow on beach at the night nowadays?
Yes. They do.
Great. Then we should go at night. Lie down on the beach and drink beer. Not too much but not too less. Until we float. And we should look at the stars and talk nonsense.
Awesome. We will do it.
Then we should go to that hill. That hill in the movie Rang de basanti. We should go there early in the morning. Sit on those rocks staring at the horizon drink Tropicana and eat roasted peanuts.
Wow. Now you making me long for the trip. 

Well that's the plan. Fingers crossed.
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